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Dark Days is a performance that evolved from my experience of receiving chemotherapy drugs. During these six months, I was overwhelmed by a dark cloud of despair, depression and extreme tiredness that pushed down and over my body influencing how I moved, slept, and ate. It was darkness heightened by the then misdiagnosis that my cancer had spread knowledge that made fighting this dark despair an arduous and painful process. In Dark Days, I envelop myself under a black sheet and performed movements inspired by the emotional and physical difficulties I encountered when receiving chemotherapy drugs. As my body moves, it generates disparate black shapes that visually represent the trauma experienced by my body during this dark period.

When a bride conforms to the cultural 'norms' of heterosexual wedding attire, she adheres to the long-established Western ritual of wearing a white dress, a lace veil and carrying a bouquet of pale-coloured flowers. However, the wedding dress is the most significant item of this costume as it symbolizes purity.This distinctly gendered look promotes the ideology of a fairy tale wedding with the promise of romance and happiness while continuing to advance and endorse the fabrication of femininity. The power and surveillance of consumerism ensure that women continue to promote and maintain this charade. This series aims to subvert the 'norms' of the white wedding dress. I tie up my veil and perform as a 'sweet bride' before cutting up the white wedding dress and throwing it away. All that is left is the veil and the flower.

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